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About TS Landscaping

Tim Szafranski, founder and owner of TS Landscaping, was 12 when he and his father stumbled across some broken lawn mowers left to waste. They took them home and, thanks to his father's mechanical skills, managed to get them running. Tim saw an opportunity and started knocking on doors offering to mow my neighbors’ lawns.

His first client, David Kingman, played for the Cubs. He was lucky enough to be offered regular work on the property, and quickly got a taste for earning his own money. With help from his parents, who often drove him to and from jobs, Tim continued to find clients throughout his neighborhood. His brothers, Billy and Bobby, soon joined the growing business, and by the time Tim was 16 and could drive, he was distributing promotional flyers to thousands of local homes. To manage the expansion, he purchased professional equipment and a trailer, and continued to work after school with his brothers until dark.

While he attended college at Illinois State University, he was able to entrust the daily operations of the business to his brothers, who maintained clients’ properties during the week until he returned home on weekends to help take on extra jobs and grow the clientele.

The economy was at its worst as Tim prepared to graduate in the spring of 2010, and the job market for his business degree was full supply and no demand. It was then that he decided to continue to grow TS Landscaping while the economy worked its way out of the recession. As his brothers pursued other interests, he began hiring outside help and expanding the business'


During this first year he began learning landscape installation from a friend, Charlie Ruegsegger. Having retired from his own landscaping business, Charlie asked Tim to assist him on several projects on his property. Through his work with Charlie, Tim decided that he would expand his business to include design and installation services.

Now, 17 years later, what began as a 6th grader’s desire to make some extra cash, has grown into a diversified business with five crews offering landscape design, installation, and maintenance services.

At TS Landscaping, it is our joy to provide and maintain beautiful, enjoyable outdoor living spaces for our clientele.

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